Let the plan begin..

Hello and welcome to 2016!  So a new year and everyone (including me) takes a little time to evaluate the past year, makes promises to oneself to change some possible bad habits swap them for better, wiser choices and hopes that it will be full of happiness, health and good fortune.

For me I’m trying to accept my flaws and I’m either ready to do something about changing them or just face them and accept that its part of me and maybe its not necessarily a bad trait and its what makes me who I am.  We cant all be everyone’s cup of tea!

Last year in the health department I made a conscious decision to eat clean, no, that doesn’t necessarily mean boring, just making more from scratch. No shop brought breads or sauces with their hidden sugars an  preservatives.  Again I will continue this and widen my spectrum of cooking.  Id like to master a good loaf and have a beautiful ceramic bread bin to match.  (simple pleasures)  Iv ditched my cakes unfortunately, I can resit everything but temptation!  However for a special occasion I will break the rule…. The end of the week is something to celebrate,  right?

Another goal for this year, that damn en-suite!  To find the perfect floor tile and frame less shower…. it must be out there and on sale, surely?!!   The snug or family room, what ever you call it.  Its gone from a DJ room, office, gym and now a redundant dumping ground and I’m determined to make it a room where we can sit comfortably and relax, read and watch a film.

Here are some ideas I played around with…

lounge 1

lounge 2.jpg
lounge 3
lounge 4
lounge 5.jpg
Among the countless Pintrest boards and magazine cut outs I have quite a few ideas as you can imagine.
In  future posts I plan to feature the recipes I have tried and tested, possibly workouts, parental observations and to look at the 2016 style.  Hope you will return and we can try work it out together!
Happy New Year!  Let the fun begin!

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