Labour through pauls eyes…

If you want to know the feeling of giving birth and having new-born it’s not dis-similar to the biggest best session in Ibiza.

You start off all nervous with a vague idea of how the nights going to go off, you have prepared yourself mental . So it’s a slow starts with some mellow beats (contractions) at your accommodation , you throw on your garms , practical for the duration but still presentable. As you prepare to leave the beats (contractions) have increased. Your on your way, sat in the taxi to your chosen club (hospital) , its been selected as the place to go with the best dj’s (doctors). For the girls in your group the cleanliness is of the most importance! your mates have been text, rang facebooked, tweeted etc etc some are coming with you other are making the long drive from the other-side of the island (serves them right for booking in San-Antonio, cheaper to stay but costs a fortune in taxis). The beats in the taxi can become really intense as the tension and nerves build up. The journey feels like it takes forever , Traffic never seemed this bad on other visits. After what seems like a lifetime.. your there…. lets ave it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you see loads of people in a similar state all ready to have it , the tension is unbearable.

Bang you get into the main room, as the fun beings , your group builds in size some are the main room aving with you other mill around in the corridors, heaving with excitement. Then the first big question of the night ,do you bosh the drug or do it natural? .. some will just reach straight for the drugs not bothered about the moral implication (why should they its their night they can do what the hell they like). Some with bosh it out natural, these people wont stay round long “Bosh” having it then back to the accommodation the place you call home. Once the drug issue has been resolved , your back on it as the beats build ( contraction) they get faster and more intense , hard and hard , its building, the greatest set you’ve ever heard . You feel dizzy with excitement , then bang it happens the single greatest moment of your life, your favourite tune bangs out and all the tension, nerves, excitement culminate in an epiphany!!!!! you will talk of the moment and reminisce for years to come! you want to cry, smile, laugh and be sick all at the same time, for the Hollywood version of the story that where it ends and for the majority of the group it will be the end of their night, happy they were there to share it. But for the hardcore members the fun has only just begun.

to be continued….Part 2 the after (birth) Party


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