Here she is….

I apologise for the absence, I have not had a minute between feeds, stolen naps and being a wife and mother.  We are well, if not a little sleep deprived, now Paul has returned back to work, I have managed 5-6 hours sleep in total this week!

Edie has been wonderful in her new role as big sister, she is helping in every way she can and even giving me time to have 10 mins shut eye, whilst we have snuggles on the sofa.

So let me tell you about the birth and labour…..

It began 10:30 pm 19th July with a huge contraction that was unmistakable for anything else, so I sent Paul to sleep and I went to the spare bedroom to rest and allow him to have a good nights sleep before anything really happened. The contractions continued to getting stronger and closer in time until 5:00am and I could stand no more on my own and wanted to share the excitement with Paul that it was actually happening.  At 6:30 we called the hospital to say to expect us, as they were every 2 mins apart and increasingly stronger in pain.  We then called both parents to warn them and get them ready to look after Edie.  Unexpectedly after we did this the contractions disappeared!  I was distraught at the thought that it was a false alarm  and set to marching round the house and bouncing on the exercises ball to get them going again.  They did reappear but spaced out and different in strength.  I was exhausted after being up all night and the previous night and took the opportunity to rest while they were far less painful, I packed the hospital bag, ate, sent Edie to pre school, made her sandwiches for a party they were having and got back into walking round the house to get them going again.  By 11:00 they had returned with a regular pattern and I felt on track again.  They continued like this until 1:00 and then I began to bleed.  Time for the hospital!!

It took us half an hour to get there in the lunch time traffic and why is it all routes to the hospital are lined with speed bumps!?  and then the maternity unit at the hospital is the furthest away from the entrance?  Paul grabbed a wheel chair and expertly guided me through the corridors in excitement and anticipation.

Very quickly I am assessed and sent straight to the labour ward as I’am 7cm dilated! No sooner was I through the doors, introduced to my amazing midwife I was ready to go and with in the hour, with gas and air as pain relief I am ready to push.  It was going so surprisingly well and calm, with my mum and Paul bedside the midwife suggested if Edie would like to be involved and watch the birth of her sister. We were all gob-smacked that this was allowed and a little taken back as you can imagine, we didn’t really know how to answer.  So Paul rushed out and asked if she wanted too, as she was sitting in the waiting room with Paul’s parents.  She of course said yes and as she had seen a few episodes of  “One born every minute”  I knew she was aware of what was involved so was happy she wouldn’t be traumatized and happy to be involved.  What an amazing experience,  with a few painful pushes and a few doubtful seconds from myself I was unable to physically do it due to exhaustion, at 3:12pm Sicicly Luella appeared!

Amazingly after a bath and a change of clothes I was wheeled up to recovery and 6 hours later we were discharged and I was home with my newly extended family.

Tori xx


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