This weekend I guest blogged

At the weekend I blogged for Hannah Parker on her blog Mum’s Day.  She asked me if I could put together some fashion ideas for parents that didnt know the sex of there baby.

I personally find it hard to get excited about neutral babe clothes, as I just think beige.  However with a little imagination I think I may have found a good sample of clothes that means you wont have to simply dress your baby in bland unisex clothes, with no personality or style and I have to say it got me a little excited.  So of course I jumped at the challenge and set upon the world-wide web to bring you just a few of my favourite unisex baby finds.

Hope you like them too!  (Lots are now available on sale now too, so go quick and get purchasing!)

Thank you again Hannah for asking me to do a feature, I loved the challenge, so if there is anything anyone wants me to look into let me know.  (Louise is next in line as I look into dressing your bump for a special occasion)  I strongly recommend if you are pregnant you follow Hannah on Twitter and her blog as she documents her journey into mother hood.

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