37 weeks and the count down begins!


Flamingo cushion, Hearts tiny TOMS,  Elephant art by Seventy Tree via Etsy.  pretty bedroom,  Lion art via Etsy, Fun bedroom design.   See Kair run yellow shoe, Dip dye curtains, DIY tent

I am 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow! and the count down can officially begin.  I suppose I should get some stuff ready and practice what I preach by getting my hospital bag ready, nappies and essentials brought.  Edie and I will have fun together in the last few weeks getting bits and pieces together, she already is very thoughtful and putting her “baby” toys aside for her baby sister and talking about the things she will share and do with her.  (its adorable)  I shall also treasure these last few weeks we have just the two of us!

I also plan to design some birth announcement cards, design a website for Edie’s ballet school, working on our new children’s clothing range “Micro Chimp” (all of which I shall tell you about in more detail another time) and do some guest posts on other blogs!  So im keeping myself busy so im not counting down the hours till baby girls arrival!

Le Petit Mammouth hand made and painted dresses,  Zara pink shoes,  Cotton dress via Bonnie Baby,  Chihuahua dog plush pillow via Etsy,  Handmade bunting dress via Etsy


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