Mama Tea – caffeine-free herbal teas

The lovely people at Mama Tea sent me a beautiful box of these delicious teas to try last week and I can not recommend more highly.  They are subtle and smooth enough but yet remain full of flavour. I love the Morning Mama with its hints of ginger ( I only wish I had found this tea when I had my terrible morning sickness) and I’m currently enjoying Cool Mama as it soothes my constant heartburn in my last 5 weeks of pregnancy.

If you know someone who is pregnant or you yourself are a Mama to be these teas are a perfect gift and necessity to a pregnant woman’s life!

Mama Tea is a range of natural caffeine-free herbal tea that has been specifically blended to taste good by a Master Tea Blender and advised by a top Medical Herbalist.

Morning Mama :  This is a warming herbal tea blend to enjoy in the morning (the afternoon and the evening)… We have blended beautiful whole chamomile flower heads with spicy ginger root, lemon balm and finished it off with some lemon peel and orange peel. Delicious. Why keep it just for the morning?

Glowing Mama:  An earthy, all-round herbal tea blend to enjoy whenever you want a little glow.  Its blended the earthy richness of rooibos with the delicate white blossom of elderflowers, boosted with echinacea leaf and dandelion to give a subtle taste.

Cool Mama:  This is a natural refreshing, spearmint herbal tea that cools with gentle chamomile flower heads blended with whole spearmint leaves and marshmallow leaves. A gentle tea for anyone who likes minty brews including mums-to-be with a mint craving. Chamomile is very good at relaxing the nervous system, so a perfect tea to drink in the evening, before bed. Also I found this amazing for indigestion!

Ready Mama:  Traditional raspberry leaf and motherwort are blended with fruity hibiscus and rosehip to provide a powerful, fruity blend to prepare you for the day ahead. Great for anyone who likes fruity teas and perfect for pregnant women (after 38 weeks). The main point to make about this tea is that it tastes really lovely. Need we say more? Oh yes… it looks gorgeous as well!

New Mama, Breastfeeding :  This is a  delicious liquorice root and fennel herbal tea. It is a gorgeous blend that celebrates all things new. We have used liquorice root to sweeten up this lovely tea, so perfect for those of you who have a sweet tooth and normally find herbal teas a bit bitter. This tea is flowing with other goodies such as fennel and fenugreek seeds, lemon balm, red clover and nettle leaf. Perfect to enjoy if you like fennel teas, sweet things or are a new mother.   All mums-to-be will have to wait for this one though, as we don’t recommend this one during pregnancy. And if you like liquorice, you will love the taste of this tea!

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