to paul..

8 weeks to go!  Although with the amount of Braxton Hicks, tightening I am getting it makes me wonder if this one will go all the way! I shall keep my fingers and legs crossed!

This post is in reply to my husbands previous post and perhaps other expectant parents.  Referring to Paul’s first point of the lack of the “Conga”  thank you for being sweet and patient and understanding,  I do indeed feel like a hippo and so no means sexy, plus I am carrying our child!  She kicks and wiggles and constantly reminds me she’s there with us and can hear us, so sharing our love in other ways is important at this time.  I feel awkward openly talking about this private subject, unlike my husband, so I shall end there.

Secondly, yes I am list mad at the moment, I must remind you I have baby brain so therefore have to physically write lists so I don’t forget things, and I shall share them with you, or others, because….I am excited and perhaps nervous! Nod reassuringly and be helpful! (men if your partner is expecting perhaps buy a note-book for all little notes she wishes to make, this would be a lovely gesture and seriously helpful)

Referring to my appearance and choice in comfy clothes, I agree there may be times I look like “Waynetta Slob” in baggy tops and joggers hiding my post baby bump, I feel like her to.  When your tired and have not had time to shower, wash my hair, put on any make-up, covered in baby dribble and sick, smelling of baby wipes and poop….. this often is not out of choice.  I am trying to keep it together and look after everything besides myself.  This is what mum’s do and the better I get at this new job I shall be able to adjust the balance and learn to look after everyone, including myself.  I salute those glam mum’s that can do it all.  I would love a bath or shower and have my hair, nails done, so men again, if possible remember this and spoil her and she will again return to the woman you used to know.

I also don’t expect you to know what Braxton Hicks are, you’re not a woman, why would have any idea on what this is, lots of women also don’t know.  However if I’m telling you I’m having one, rub my back, hold my hand, keep me calm!  I apologise if I embarrass you with my pain face! I’m sure its only you who cares! women will sympathise, men will…. do they really care?

I recently discovered that it wasn’t just you that had the panicked face  when I told you we were expecting and you frantically thought, where are my decks going to go,? do I loose my music room?, is life over as I know it?  Yes, but it’s about to grow in a whole new way, with even more meaning and fun adventures.  You are still you and you can at some point share your joys and interests in life with this new person you have created, it may be hard at times but that’s life.  Enjoy your blessing.  I know you are scared of the unknown, and you are a control freak, but that’s going to have to go out the window.  Its happening and thousands of people have done it and are doing it, you certainly can!

Paul was great as a birthing partner along with my mum, I have no idea if I was evil and rude to them, it’s all a crazy haze, pain takes over and I went into auto pilot.  So yes I agree with Paul just take it , or if you feel you can’t,  say now because you will be no help in the delivery room and I’m afraid there is no time for your feelings, it’s all about mum and baby!

Id like thank my husband for being continually supportive and understanding throughout both my pregnancies.  I have knowingly been uncontrollably difficult with 5 months of sever sickness and pretty much every other  know pregnancy symptom, nose bleeds, bad hips, ….. which in turn has made me difficult to live with.  Besides all this he has kept me fed and watered, blagged knowledge of what I’m talking about and perhaps pretended to show interest in unnecessary girls baby things, plus being a fantastic father to Edie are 2-year-old.  Taking her out regularly to give me 5 mins peace.  Love you!


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