check lists

Pack only a few of each of these items and possibly have some extra at home for partner/family to bring into you if you end up staying longer.  You don’t want to be carrying around a huge bag and there often isn’t the space at your hospital bedside!

  • My husband and mum were my birthing partners and were wonderful.  A little tag team between the two of them giving me encouragement and it allowed them to take 5 themselves (although I can’t remember them ever leaving the room)  Paul was food and drinks master, feeding me fresh fruit thought the day of labour and reminding me to drink plenty.  You can often forget this and have no time for prep as you have no idea when labour will begin, so fruit really helped and its far more refreshing than a stodgy hospital sandwich, so have a think about snacks you can take.  Cereal bars and the likes are also great ones to have stashed in your bag for a quick boost.
  • Also get them to be aware of your birthing plan, because when your delirious with pain they will hopefully keep you on the straight and narrow, as will the midwife.

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