In search of some spring sun..


Little girls Zara dress with tie back, Clarins Huile Tonic, Little girls white sandals, Mens Ask the missus shoe, Nine West ladies sandal, Zara basic t-shirt, M&S nail varnishes, Pretty summer hair, M&S shopper bag.


Of we go to our home in the sun, in search of a bit of warmth and the first and last holiday just the three of us before our other blessing arrives in July.

There are several things we love to take on our trip, such as Ambre Solaire golden protective oil, smells and feels beautiful, as well as giving you a golden glow.  My favourite Clarins Huile Tonic body treatment oil for firming and toning, preventing any pregnancy stretch marks!! Batiste dry shampoo big and bouncy XXL volume, for those hair emergencies. Kerastase soleil shampoo and conditioner to rejuvenate your hair.  MAC’s Vegas Bolt lipstick, love the colour in the sun.  A big beach bag, my jeweled Nine west sandals, several pretty colour nail varnishes as im always chipping and re painting them. Plenty of light scarfs for cooler day cover ups or hair ties.  Loads and loads of Pauls dj mixes for round the pool.

So I shall sign out for now, returning a little larger than usual, after stuffing our faces with the usual culinary delights of Spain.



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