Charlene style

Charlene is a fashion blogger and keen fashion designer, find her here: Blog, Twitter, Etsy, I love her style so I just had to get a quick interview with her.

Name: Charlene O’Rourke

Age: 24

Currently living in:Kent

Job Title:  Fashion Designer/Visual Merchandiser

How long have you been doing it: I have been making and selling clothes on etsy  for about a year and I have a part time job as a shop assistant/VM which I have been doing for about 8 Months

How did you get into it: I studied fashion Design at University

Ambition in life: To become a full time Fashion Designer, Stylist or anything in fashion really just to do something I enjoy for my living. And to earn good money of course!

Favourite restaurant: I prefer the fish and chip shop haha

Favourite holiday location: Paris

Favourite hotel: I have never been to anything fancy.

Rokit hat, Dorothy Perkins Peter pan dressJeffrey Campbell flatform shoes,
Ring Theo Fennell Carnival Ring
Dorothy Perkins fur stole,
O.P.I Black Shatter Nail Lacquer

Favourite Album or tune: Led Zepplin – Mothership

Book: Just Kids: Patti Smith and On the Road: Jack Kerouac

Favourite wardrobe item: Oh thats easy…my hats!

Jeans or skirts?: Skirts

Flats or heels? :Heels

Favourite piece of jewellery: My Theo Fennell Carnival Ring and my hair and tooth necklace by CharlotteBurthart

Who do you think has iconic style: Coco Chanel

Your style tip: Never follow rules

Summary of your style: Experimental

Favourite beauty product: YSL Touche Eclat

Your Scent: Paco Rabanne – Lady Million

The most handsome man for you is: Johnny Depp

Your ideal christmas present: A trip to Disney land

Thanks Charlene and I shall be stopping by your store very soon!


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