nathan’s style

Meet Nathan Jones, he is full of artistic knowledge and weird and wonderful thoughts!  

Favourite album: Have so many all depends on my emotions at the time

Favourite restaurant: In uk the Electric, Nottinghill , good honest food amazingly cooked

Favourite book: Dostoevsky: Crime and Punishment .

Favourite holiday: Many fav ones too , but the ones where I have most family fun is Cornwall

Favourite gadget: Has got to be an iPhone sorry!

Nathan’s style by sanfordhughes 

Aramis Lab Series,  Crime And Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevskyshort,  Creme De Corps  – Kiel’s,  Men’s Blazin’ Silk Handkerchief,, Electric Brasserie

Essential wardrobe item: Distinctive well made shoes or a silk handkerchief

Style icon:   An early Terence Stamp

Style tip : Do what you wish with confidence and beautiful made shoes and an undershirt .

Your style: Elegantly Scruffy

Grooming products: Dior men’s , Kiels , lab aramis and Clinique

Watch Brand : I wear a 1960s omega watch , had it 10 years love it . Gonna buy a Bell and Ross soon

Jacket style: Trench

Jeans or trousers: mmmmmm same as album question all depends on mood

Beautiful Women:  Isabella Rossellini, Sophia Loren or Emily blunt 

Thanks Nathan!


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