Meet Spencer Parker

Name:  Spencer Parker

Age: 31

Currently living: Yes I am (in Berlin)

Job Title: Record player

How long have you been Dj’ing: 10 years plus

How did you get started:  My friends 18th birthday party

Favourite venue you have worked in:  Panorama Bar, Berlin

Favourite restaurant: Chai Yo in Kreuzberg, Berlin.  The best!!!

Favourite hotel: Anywhere that lets me steal the white fluffy slippers….

Favourite Album and tune,  I imagine this one is a hard one for you, so can be one just from this year, or week!:  This week…. the favourite tune would be an amazing white lable I picked up in Tokyo with simply “it’s not over” written on it, no other information on it at all ???

Favourite album, would be the triple cd “works” by the phenomenally talented Radio Slave

Favourite book: Helmut Newton’s autobiography “A gun for hire”

Favourite holiday: Anything that involves laying on a beach next to my beautiful girlfriend!

Favourite gadget: Native Instruments machine

Essential Wardrobe item: Adidas SLVR trainers, i’m completely in love with the whole SLVR line.

Describe your style: Snap Diva x Croydon Chic

Your style tip: A nice t or sweater from

Who for you has iconic style: Tom Ford, without a doubt!

Favourite grooming product: Just for men

Watch brand: Casio

Jacket style: I honestly never thought I’d say this but…. I have the most amazing gore tex jacket from the David Beckham range for Adidas

Photography by Nic Shonfeld

Favourite jean brand: I pretty much only buy Dior or UniQlo, both are great but I wish they were the same price.

Your shoe style: Simple, simple, simple, Lanvin or Jil Sander all the way.

Do you have an tattoos?  I have none and no plans to ever have any.  But, potentially a spiders web over the entire face in a later life……

Most beautiful woman: After my aforementioned girlfriend, there is none higher tham Paz De La Huerta.

A huge thanks Spencer for agreeing to work with me on this!  What a gent!

Please stop by his site for more information on his gigs and albums. or facebook

Listen here:

Also he is raising awareness and  loot  for testicular  and prostate cancer, support  here…..

His debut artist album is out now “A gun for hire” on Saved Records along with his new sinlge with Ian Pooley “you don’t feel the same” on Tsuba

All the best Spencer, come see you soon! x


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