I aint no geeky specky four eyes!

mens glasses by sanfordhughes From left to right
Persol sunglasses £240,  Selima Optique Oval Optical Glasses £235, Linda Farrow Luxe Half-Clear Optical Glasses £305

Selima Optique Semi-Transparent Optical Glasses £255,  Oliver Peoples Semi-Square Optical Glasses £ 200,  Lucia Eyeglasses with Multicolour Acetate Round Full Frame/Rim Frame, £30

Selima Optique Red-Framed £255,  Selima Optique Round-Framed Tortoiseshell £255, Selima Optique Round-Framed £190

Cutler and Gross Clear Framed  £280, Cutler and Gross Round-Framed Tortoiseshell  £280, Oliver Peoples Round £190

Spitfire Removable Lens Sunglasses,  Linda Furrow £285, Asos Tortoiseshell Square Clear Lens Glasses, £22

Gok Wan for specsavers £99,  Asos Retro Clear Lens Clubmaster, £22,  Jeepers Peepers Round Sunglasses, £29


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