Masculine Rooms

If you are thinking of decorating your man pad and don’t know where to start perhaps think of a few of your favourite items for inspiration.  Its much the same as dressing an outfit, so think about textures and colours that compliment each other.

Or think hunting lodge, find a painting or a picture to inspire you and use that as a colour pallet.

There are just a few things you need to include to make your lodge like room.  Wood, wool, fleece, fur and leather.

Or smart navy, with black, pale grey and crisp white, mix with cashmere, silks.  Perfect for summer or winter living.


and spiced earthy neutrals, ginger, slate and stone.

I love creating colour boards before I decorate a room, it’s a good idea to have a clear vision of the vibe you wish to create, its amazing once you have this in mind how easy it becomes to finish off your room.  Simply rip outs of magazines and the internet finds.  Or alternatively set me the task and I will happily create one for you.  Just email me:




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