Fast Fashion Facts

Meet Dylan, He’s from the Northwest of England and is the bass guitar player and backing vocals in Kill The Young along with his two brothers. Kill the Young have things to say and protest, even their name underlines the pressure exerted by the consumer society over the youth.
Their music is a mosaic of transatlantic and British influences: growing up on bands like Smashing Pumpkins and R.E.M through to the English post-punk scene, up to modern acts such as Radiohead and The Arcade Fire.

After 2 albums selling at more than 50.000 copies in Europe, a last tour of more than 150 dates around Europe and the biggest festivals, the band owns a strong reputation in the musical European area. This year they released their third album “thicker than water” and currently playing gigs all over Europe.

With all that Dylan oozes rock and roll, with his sence of style and attitude! Oh the stories we could tell you…..

Check out his fast fashion facts:

Name:  Dylan Gorman
Age:      31
Favorite restaurant:  I tend to cook at home, but i do like leaf cafe on Bold Street, Liverpool.
Fav Album or tune:  ‘The Rat’ by the walkmen
Fav Book:   Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut
Fav holiday destination:   Barcelona 
Fav gadget: iphone 4
Essential wardrobe item: My blue/black dark superdrain jeans from H&M, they go with everything. 
Style icon: I don’t really have one, 
Your style tip: Its not what you wear, its how you wear it
Summary if your style: Mainly rock n roll style, but i get quite bored and like to keep things fresh and                                              change my style as much as possible.
Fav grooming product: fudge salt spray
Watch brand: Nixon
Jacket style: vintage denim or leather
Jeans or trousers: jeans
Do you have tattoos? Or would you consider one? None, but would love a full sleeve one day. and                                                                                                    have a few ideas for it. 
Most beautiful woman: Well there are lots of beautiful women in the world, but if it had to be someone                                            famous then i’d say a toss up between Zooey deschanel and Mila Kunis

Thanks Dyan for the Interview! xx


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