Ed’s Fast Facts

If you didn’t already know iv got an unhealthy fascination with  Friendly Fires front-man, Ed MacFarlane. Its either those dance moves, blue eyes or style, which could be called a mash-up of traditionalist pieces with indie sartorial quirk, MacFarlane trademark  short-sleeve shirts, plain or tropical design or  a scoop-neck graphic knit with a pair of powder blue jeans and chinos. He also likes the odd tailored suit too!

Ed Macferlane styling by sanfordhughes 

Ymc merino wool top, Mens Chinos and shirts TOPMAN, Paul Smith vintage leather shoes,
Church slipper shoes. D’Orsay ‘Le Dandy’

Favourite Restaurant : The Ledbury. The crisp pressed suckling pig was unforgettable. If only I had the money to eat there every day.”

Favourite holiday location:  “The Welsh seaside village of Llangrannog has been a holiday destination for my family for many years. The historic countryside is steeped in folklore.

Favourite Fashion brand: On a casual level I prefer YMC. Their clothes are rugged and smart at the same time. If I’m going for a relaxed drink, I know I’m going to look good without looking like a show off.”

Essential wardrobe item: “My Church’s slippers are my essential onstage item. They give me that extra bounce in my step.”

Your favourite suit: Gieves & Hawkes. The staff are incredibly friendly and have great taste in music. My grey double-breasted checked suit is one of my prized possessions. I was fortunate enough to be given a sharp fitted double-breasted Gucci suit, although I rarely have an occasion to wear it these days.”

Favourite grooming product: “I think Ren have great shaving products. As an Eau De Toilette I love D’Orsay ‘Le Dandy’. I’ve never met anyone else who wears it, so it feels exclusive to me.”

Favourite Gadget: “Sennheiser earbuds are the only headphones I will use when I’m on the move. They are relatively cheap and have superior sound quality.”

Favourite book: “Young Adam by Alexander Trocchi”

Favourite Album: “Voodoo by D’Angelo. It’s an absolute masterclass in production and is the most soulful record of the last 40 years.”  Answers via The Mr Porter style council. 






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