Glam Pumpkins

I know another post about bloody pumpkins, but I am way to excited for my own good about these glamourous glitter ones.

I think these are a great idea , spray paint your pumpkins then either spray glitter, or cover the desired area in glue and sprinkle with glitter.  Not only are they super glamourous, they are ideal to make with children.  I know Edie is very excited about “sprinking sparkles ”

Or try these Decoupage ones.  Simply clean your pumpkin, cover/spray with paint (the lighter the colour the more effective) Once the paint is dry apply a layer of collage glue (collage pague) where you want to place the image.  You can buy patterned decoupage paper or you could use  napkins as I have done.   Peel the excess layers of napkin way from the printed sheet then drape the napkin on the pumpkin onto the glue.  Smooth down and apply more layers of glue. Let it dry. Done.


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