halloween costume ideas

Check out MAC’s Halloween make up.

As promised here are the few costumes and make up ideas for Halloween.  I like the idea of makeup as you can wear it with something of your own and is easily adapted to suit you.

Lets face it ladies we don’t really want to dress as a pumpkin and look a total dweeb, and we all know the guys love a costume, so here are the obvious choices of outfit….the zombie sexy nurse

Think less latex more “Silent Hill” with a good bit of make up you can make this look your own.

Be brave and go bold with your look.
Contacts always have a dramatic effect!

Tim Burton is an obvious choice of film to reference from, or just go as Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter themselves!

Donnie Darko

For the fashion conscious check out Tim Burtons shoot for Harpers Bazzar from back in 2009.

Or stick on a cheap wedding gown and mask! Think day of the dead!!

Or do as the “celebrities” do, Heidi Klum in her betty boop is too cute!

Or lets face it you could pick any of lady GaGa’s outfits….. So if you don’t fancy being drapped in meat, maybe go head to toe in red lace? I know id look pretty shocking in that! But maybe not for the right reasons!

Hope that’s given you some food for thought, let me know…..


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