spooktacular party ideas

You may think its a little early but Iv got my party planner head on again, (and you need plenty of planning and making time to make all the difference to a party) so If your having a halloween party you may like this post.  Here are some of our favourite halloween ideas to stir your souls.

Begin by adorning your front door with a beautiful wreath.

Or maybe just a couple of pumpkins dotted around the house, windows or doorstep.  I adore the painted ones and the jewel encrusted designs are to “die” for. (sorry for sad pun) They would make beautiful centre pieces too!

Spell out names or spooky messages, paint or embellish with diamonds or studs for a luxurious look.

(As Sanford-Hughes design I will happily supply templates of cutout vinyl or paint stencils for any of these designs)

And not forgetting the party food and naughty nibbles!! meringue ghosts, limbs from dolls……..

and my new favourite, cake pops!!

they are fun to make and even better to eat! Although they are not the easiest thing to make look as neat as these examples, but with the ghoul themes you can probably get away with them being a little messy if they are your first attempts.

Whether its a kids party or adult soiree these decorations are so easy to make and make all the difference to a party.

I also like the idea that everything doesnt have to be black and orange, like this elegant table. think spirits and cobwebs.

I hope these rouse your creative minds! Let me know if you make any of the following Id love to see and hear about them.  Or alternatively I will gladly give you further tips and a helping hand to make your party one to remember! Email me to discuss further: sanfordhughesdesigm@hotmail.co.uk

(costume ideas coming soon!)


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