All lovey dovey.

Well I dont know if its those that have found love, or those that are looking for it that inspired this blog. Either way I think it can apply to both.  So if your planning a date with someone you don’t know or you fancy a random date with the one you love here are some of our favorite date ideas.

1. Bowling, a good old fashioned date idea and a good one for a double date, plenty of opportunity to team up with your new fella or avoid the awkward silences that can appear.

2. Instead of a dinner date, why not a breakfast date. Get dressed up or keep it casual, you can often find some lovely places to have brunch and if you really hit it off then you can spend the rest of the day with one another!

3. Get in the car and get lost and enjoy it!

4. Go to the zoo, or an aquarium, its not just for kids school trips

5. Have sugar rush, sweets or beautiful ice cream, sit and enjoy them together

6. Ice skating can be a giggle, and it always nice to rescue or be rescued when you fall over

7. Make a cake together, or maybe a cuisine youve never made before! It could have some interesting results

8. Lunch date, because a cheeky drink in the afternoon always makes us jolly!

9. Make a den/tent, you can decide what you do then!

10. Travel somewhere new and explore together. Get a map and put a pin in it!

11. Make a home movie! il say no more!

12. Stay in bed all day, make sure you have things to read, watch and some lovely food and drink and enjoy !

13. Go for a picnic, each of you organize or bring something.

14. Go see a band you’ve never seen before

15. Get dressed up and go to the theatre.  It gives you something new to talk about.  Plus you get the intermission to chat unlike the movies.

16. Take the dog for a walk, even if you don’t have one, borrow a friends!

17. Row a boat, go outside do something physical, even a driving range can be a fun daytime date.  Plus he gets to “help yo”u with your swing!

18. Make a mix tape/podcast and swap it.  Getting an insight to his tastes, plus music is an aphrodisiac!

Do you have date nights or planning a first date?  I love them, well…. as long as you don’t have awkward uncomfortable silences! Or turn up drunk and fall into  a fountain and embarrass yourself…. but thats a whole other story!


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