planning little parties

Next monday our little girl turns 2! where does the time go, altho it feels like she has been round forever, what ever did we do before her?   (Sleep!!)  As paul calls her “chimp” I thought a animal themed party would be appropriate.  So inspired by her bedroom and her Cath Kidston circus wallpaper we have come up with a few ideas.

Last year I made some Fifi Lapin cupcake toppers, so here are my ideas for the circus theme.  Along with some little games, such as Pin the tail and hoop toss. Something we can all enjoy together.

Children’s parties can be so awkward for adults and as Edie stays at home with me we dont know many other children,  we are catering more for the family, but I just cant help myself doing these things for my little girl.  Its just an excuse to make pretty things and eat party food!

Iv also found these very pretty things on ESTY

Im planning to make some cake pops too (for the first time) , along with mini hot dogs, slices of pizza, animal shaped biscuits and cupcakes.  To be continued…..

If you have any ideas we would love to here them.


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