Style picks – Dreams of Andalucia

‘Drive over lemons,’ ordered Georgina.

There were, it was true, a hell of a lot of lemons. They hurtled past, borne on a stream of water that bubbled nearby; in places the road was a mat of mashed fruit, and the earth beneath the trees was bright with fallen yellow orbs. I remembered a half-forgotten snatch of song, something about a lovelorn gypsy throwing lemons into the Great River until it turned to gold.

The lemons, the creatures and the flowers warmed my heart a little. We drove on through a flat plain quilted with cabbages and beans, at the end of which loomed a little mountain. After dipping a banana grove, we turned sharp right up a steep hill with deep cuttings in the red rock.

‘This looks more like it.’

‘Just wait, we’re not there yet.’

Up and up we went, bend after bend, the river valley spread below us like an aerial print. On through a gorge and suddenly we burst into a new valley. The plain we had crossed disappeared utterly, hidden from sight by the mass of mountain, and drowned by the roaring of the river in the gorge below.

Far below, beside the river, I caught sight of a little farm in a horseshoe-shaped valley, a derelict house on a cactus-covered crag, surrounded by unkempt fields and terraces of ancient olive trees.

Exert from Chris Stewart’s bestseller : Driving Over Lemons An Optimist In Andalucia.

With our forthcoming family holiday to southern spain I felt I would put together a few looks with this beautiful opening scene to the book in mind.

Photo: Istan, T-shirt: Reiss, Orange skirt: Zara, Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry, Beaded Sandles: Anthropologie, Black Wedge sandal: ASOS, Necklace: Anthropology, Ruched & Ripples Bikini: Anthropologie 

I have gone a little over the top in Anthropologie, but there is so much I love, plus if your buying now, its in the sale!

Thunderous skies dress: Anthropologie, Maracay Espadrilles: Anthropologie, Au Lait romper: Anthropologie, Sunglasses: Dior Mitza, Golden days Bikini: Anthropologie, Granny Knot headband: Anthropologie

 My husband will tut at me now.  I cant help myself being drawn to navy and grey! Look there is a little bit of colour in there!

Plains Ranger dress: Anthropologie, Sun Goddess bathing suit: Anthropologie, Calypso gold sandal: Dune, Navy wedge: Dune.

Now Im no sun goddess, but if I was Id be purchasing this “Sun goddess” swimsuit from Anthropologie right away.


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