August Style thoughts

This month Paul is practicing for a local DJ gig we are hosting for some old friends and I have already started thinking about what to wear. (a little sad)

Its been a while since doing one of these nights (since Edie Valentina was born actually) so it’s a bit of a novelty for me.  I had been looking at these girls that pull the relaxed,  “just thrown it on” look  so effortlessly, like Sienna Miller, Fearne Cotton, Daisy Lowe.  Do you really just throw your stuff on and look like that?  Yes quite possibly if you have an endless stylish wardrobe with plenty of choice and its draped over a beautiful body, as the fore mentioned ladies!

1. Sienna Miller

2. Angelica Blick

3. Mary Kate Olsen

4. Wildfox Swimwear

5. Charlotte Kemp

As for me in reality, I’m a mother, who’s spare money goes on making Edie (my 2-year-old) look so god damn cool.  Carrying very old baby weight (can I still uses this as an excuse)? and not so shapely legs. I’ll self profess them as cankles or fankles (fat ankles)  So maybe il ditch the cut off denim shorts! Cute as they maybe, I don’t think I can pull this look off without being self-conscious and hiding behind bar stools and tables all night.

I have put together some ideas….

to be continued……


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